few months ago, all PUBG Mobile players had got heartbreaking news about the PUBG Mobile Ban in India. However, players were not believing in the statement because PUBG Mobile was the most beloved game for everyone. A few days after the rumours, MCIT had finally announced the PUBG Mobile ban along with 117 other applications. Now again, the internet is flooded with the PUBG Mobile unban news. Is it genuinely true? Or some unclaimed rumours! We know your mind is flooded with tons of doubts about the PUBG Mobile Unban in India. Be with us. In this article, we will be discussing everything you should know about the PUBG Mobile Unban. We will also be covering the PUBG Mobile Unban date in India. So, let’s get dive into the article and clear your every doubt about the PUBG Mobile unban in India. 

Bluehole Studios Merging with Krafton Inc.

After the ban, Tencent had lost around $34 Billion in two days. After this practice, PUBG Mobile Corp. had ended the partnership with the Chinese firm, Tencent for Indian regions only. To bring PUBG Mobile back in India, Bluehole Corp. was acquired by Krafton which is again a Korean brand owned by Bluehole itself. We know the whole process is quite confusing to understand.

But do not worry, we will justify everything. In other words, PUBG Corp., a subsidiary brand of Bluehole had dropped his partnership with Tencent for Indian regions. And, merged with Krafton Inc. which is also a subsidiary brand of Bluehole Studios. At that time, Tencent had invested a massive amount of money in PUBG Mobile Corp. So, they have every right to made some tweaks in the game. MEANS TENCENT WILL WORK IN BACKGROUND.

PUBG Mobile In talks with Airtel and Paytm

PUBG has also engaged with several local firms including Soft Bank-backed Paytm and Telecomm giant, Airtel, to explore whether they would be interested in publishing the popular Battle Royale mobile game in the country. The industry executive said this statement in an interview with Techcrunch. Moreover, there are chances that Paytm and Airtel would like to invest in PUBG Mobile to relaunch in India because this game can be the future. Let’s move to another hint. Moreover, PUBG Mobile is also in talks with cloud sharing companies for setting server in India only.

Krafton Inc. Confirms Global Collaboration 

With Microsoft Azure

A few moments ago, Krafton Inc announced the partnership with Microsoft Azure. What is Microsoft Azure? Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing service granting game creators to build, run, and grow their games on a global scale by providing them cloud computing service. This means that all security concerns will be cleared now. Krafton has also mentioned that users’ privacy is our top priority, and Azure will help us to keep users’ data safer. Microsoft Azure is already empowering some big games on a global platform. However, this does not mean that the game will relaunch tomorrow itself. Shifting rights and data to another cloud computing company will take a bunch of days.


What Will be The PUBG Mobile Unban Date in India?

PUBG Mobile Corp. will run a marketing campaign around the Indian festival Diwali. Some people have also given a hint of launch around the occasion of Diwali. It is expected to be a massive marketing strategy by the company. In addition to this, some of our sources also claim that the game will relaunch around the Indian festival, Diwali. We are not sure about it, but let’s wait for the official announcement.
This is everything you should know about PUBG Mobile Unban in India. Let us know your comments on PUBG Mobile Unban!
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