Humans are the most intelligent spices on the earth compared to other living beings present here. We are now civilized being living with others. It took a century to get us where we are. Before that, we were Homo sapiens. But after some time and revolution, we gain the power to think. Now we know how to communicate with others. It’s easy for us to travel from one place to another by bus, car, etc…These are all examples of our intelligence that we have used today to make our life more comfortable. Now without electricity can we imagine our life? But what about before. Well, we adapted according to the situation. But we have always tried to use our knowledge in the best ways to make our lives comfortable.

Difference between human and animal

human and animal

Knowledge is not that you are educated or learned a lesson from a class. It’s conscious which helps us to make our result by thinking. Well, knowledge can also of many types. a doctor has knowledge of medical science, a car driver of a driving car, a teacher know about her subjects that she is going to teach, a mother about her child's health, and many more. An illiterate person has also knowledge of life. It means that he knows what is right and what is wrong for him.

Now knowledge can be defined as how much a person is educated it’s our best tool. It makes a difference between animals and us. Animals also have a brain but that brain only knows how to survive. But from centuries humans have tried to do best to make life easier and comfortable. They used their knowledge to bring changes in their surroundings. We have different physical capacity compare to other creatures but we also have a different level of smartness and way of thinking from them which makes us more to stand out.

Time and our Knowledge

We have now advanced in many ways .now we started to teach our next generations by letting them go to a school where they learn about different things. In today's world, the world was to operate everything you need its knowledge of the operation. To write you should know about alphabets and language, to drive you should know about when to use the accelerator and when break. Knowledge of different things. We are now living in a world where knowledge matters. The power of making decisions by our self and to know what is right and what is wrong is also part of the knowledge that we have gained till now. It’s the most basic right of every human to pursue education. Knowing our weakness, working to correct a d improve our self is knowledge of self-understanding.

Today vs Past of our Knowledge

But how is knowledge considered as power? Well, knowledge can help to Crete many things an also destroys others. It is a power because it helps us to solve our problems and help us to understand better about something. It can also destroy something here that refers to our practice of war. Weapons that we have created to threaten others to show our superiority and power. Now with so much advanced knowledge in a different field, we have created many things to make us more powerful than others. Countries depend upon their weapons and advanced technologies to make them stronger and powerful.

Now we have leavened that making only a small part of society knowledgeable can’t help a country to grow. Now every human has the right to education and to learn. To check country strength we can see the data of how much educated are citizens of that nation. Because the more the educated people of a nation, the more their strength to make things better. Till now from ancient civilization we have changed by our knowledge of society.

Way before when science was not introduced we have beloved that everything our nature is a work of some external force that shapes our life. But after science was introduced we know why many things work. For example how a rainbow form or why the sky appears blue to what is the distance between earth and moon. Our knowledge helped us to reach in space where we could only dream to go at night before. Now we achieved much success.

At last, I would like to say that knowledge is a power that helps us make us understand our surroundings and our self and the power to self improve us. There are many definitions of this word. But the understanding of our about this word is most important. We should always help others cause using our knowledge to only help us will make us selfish.

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